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Irving Moskowitz Hawaiian Gardens – Different Charitable Efforts in Hawaiian Gardens

The Moskowitz Foundation has been very helpful to so many people and is paying special attention to the children. There are many children that are in need of education which have been helped because of the said foundation. There are millions of dollars offered by the foundation to support several programs. Also, the Irving Moskowitz Hawaiian Gardens Bingo Club came into existence because of the efforts of Dr. Irving Moskowitz. He established this so that the proceeds would be used for other purposes such as for creating housing projects and to help the residents of the City of Hawaiian Gardens, California. In Hawaiian Gardens, they also have the Food Bank that is serving more than 1,000 families with weekly vouchers and groceries. There had been more than nine million spent for food to give to the needy.

The Irving Moskowitz Hawaiian Gardens Bingo Club and the foundation have also supported many other projects around the city. The sports complex of Hawaiian Gardens was realized because of Moskowitz’ personal contributions and the proceeds that come from the Irving Moskowitz Hawaiian Gardens Bingo Club. There were also more money given to scholarship programs, educational programs and many others. Also, there was a funding of half a million dollars donated by the foundation for the Hawaiian Gardens library. This has been built in order to enrich the lives of each citizen. The foundation also supports different sports teams so that they can enjoy their pastime. There are many other contributions that Irving Moskowitz offered to the City of Hawaiian Gardens and because of this; he established an intimate relationship with them.


Irving Moskowitz Hawaiian Gardens – The Contributions in the City

Irving Moskowitz is a very accomplished man. He was successful in pursuing a medical career and because of it, he was able to establish and manage hospitals that made him able to earn more money. He also had a philanthropic calling and because of it, he created the Irving Moskowitz Foundation which has helped so many people in different parts of the world. This organization is not non-profit. Also, the foundation supported the Hawaiian Gardens Food Bank in California wherein the needy people are able to freely receive their groceries and vouchers. There are more than 1,000 families that got their food from the Food Bank and that accounts to approximately 5,500 individuals being fed. The Irving Moskowitz Hawaiian Gardens Bingo Club was established too through the foundation.

The Irving Moskowitz Hawaiian Gardens Bingo Club is operated by Cherna Moskowitz. She acts as the president of the club and her sons are also working with her. The Irving Moskowitz Hawaiian Gardens Bingo Club proceeds have been used for social contributions through the social action organizations wherein the funds are channeled. Irving Moskowitz have done so much for the City of Hawaiian Gardens since it also supported the creation of the Hawaiian Gardens Sports Complex to be able to support the sports activities of the children who love playing any kind of sports. Irving Moskowitz doesn’t only support Hawaiian Gardens but also Israel as some of the proceeds from the Irving Moskowitz Hawaiian Gardens Bingo Club are also used for the housing projects in Israel.